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My weakness is that I care too much [entries|friends|calendar]
. Heather .

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[Monday the 27th, 09.04PM]
i have a myspace... so just add me there. i am so sick of livejournal.

officially the LAST entry. will update on the blog in my myspace.
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heres whats up [Friday the 24th, 04.02PM]
[ mood | party time ]

yesterday me and chelsea went to the spree with mike and we met up with a bunch of people. we hung out with all sorts of people like christine, kristina, kelby, mike, iain, conor, brandon, and.... some other people. spree was gay.. the only sweet things were the people there and seeing some people i havent seen since school got out.

so yeahhhhhhh today is chelseas party. accually im at her house right now as im typing. we are waiting for christine and kristina to get here and whoever else is showing up at 6 lol we really dont know who is comming so its hopefully not going to be tooooo many people.

tomorrow i am going home early and then packing for camping and stuff even though its only one night. andddddd chelseas comming with me. yeah. fun times. call my cell if you wanna!!

i love you kon

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my day today [Wednesday the 22nd, 06.27PM]
[ mood | busy ]

hmmm what an interesting day. it consisted of hanging out with Chelsea, Mike, and some of mike's friends.

we came to my house to swim. then we went to target and saw Lauren and Randy.. hooray for Lauren!! =)! then we went to Kons house so I could see him for a few <33333 then we drove around, dropped off apps for mike, went to best buy, then went to conors house. then we picked up Kelbey (Chelseas new love of her life) and chilled at conors and i tryed to play guitar but that was a total failure.

let me tell you today was amazing. funny shit happened in the car. too many great memories. mike and chelsea are my best friends for life.

Tomorrow - Livonia Spree with mike and chelsea
Friday - Chelsea's birthday party
Saturday - camping with my family and chelsea
Sunday - still camping but will come home later.

aight peace

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me and morgan [Monday the 20th, 06.40PM]
[ mood | ditzy ]

So.. this is what happens when you put Heather and Morgan with a camera.. in downtown farmington, and at the civic!



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hawt hawt [Saturday the 18th, 03.54PM]
[ mood | good ]

i really have nothing to update about.. cept my summer is sweet.. and here are a few pictures of me and my best friend Crew!

sweet photo shoot.. i know i know.. we are pimp like that!

Happy 16th Birthday Kasey!! <33333

take it with a smile

summer days [Wednesday the 15th, 05.49PM]
[ mood | not so straight ]

dude this summer is kick ass

yesterday i hung out with Mike the whole day and we did so much random shit. went to the mall, wendys, best buy, my house, kaseys house, drove around, fountain walk.. and got stuck in the rain and were soaking wet as we bought a 5$ pizza at little ceasars! funny dayy

today i hung out with jenna and we went to chris's house and messed around the whole day and went over to my neighbors house and chilled with nick luke andrew and bryan.

tonight im going to the movies with chelsea, kristina, rennie, and crew. should be a fun time. yeahh no one reads this durring the summer so IM OUT PEACE!

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[Sunday the 12th, 11.15PM]
why update in the summer when nobody reads it?
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[Saturday the 11th, 10.07PM]
[ mood | busy ]

fun day. hung out with practically everyone i know. or saw them. pretty sweet.

tomorrow probably going to do the same thing. call me up 248*202*8095. aight peace

take it with a smile

no drama [Saturday the 11th, 11.03AM]
[ mood | chipper ]

okay so im at chelseas right now and we had the best night last night. we went out on the scooter and rode the bike and then Konstantine and Chris called me and we met up with them at target and walked to mcdonalds and they are the two funniest kids ever lol
came back to chelseas and almost instantly fell asleep.

so the summer has started and i realized what i am doing is about to//if not already create drama. I talked to Lenny and Ron last night and we are about to get everything straightened out today. I just dont want there to be any drama over the summer. i want us all to hang out and not worry about who is in a fight with who. so I am going to appologize and say that it was wrong for me to go off like that and saying shit about ron, that was not the right way to approach the problem.

todays plan.. me and chelsea are hanging out until later when she has to babysit. we are probably chillin with lenny and everyone at aarons and then chillin with Kon and Chris also. we dont know. but its about to be sweet.

PeAcE OuT pLaYaS! xoxo

take it with a smile

schools out [Friday the 10th, 03.59PM]
[ mood | excited ]


Class of *07 ~ JUNIORS!

This summer is going to be off the fucking hook! Im not going to let anything get me pissed. i just want to have the best time with the people i love most. DONT FORGET ME GETTING MY LICENCE IN JULY!

Today = wicked sweet. Hung out with Jen and Jerry and then Jerry ditched us so me and Jen went up to Target and Khols and then Lenny and some other people came up there to chill with us. RON STAYED IN THE CAR BECAUSE HE DIDNT WANT TO SEE ME OR "DEAL" WITH ME!! LMFAO!!!! so yeah that was pretty sweet!
Going to get my hair cut then spending the night at chelseas.. should be some fun shit... just like summer should be.

SuMmEr *05

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fucking DICK [Thursday the 9th, 04.41PM]
[ mood | pissed and heart broken ]

fuck you. seriously. fuck all the times we hung out. fuck all the kissing, hugging, holding hands, and hooking up. fuck all the car rides when we would sing together. fuck how you told me you loved hanging out with me. fuck all the time we spent together. FUCK EVERYTHING! you hurt my feelings and i didnt do shit to you. out of the blue you decided to stop calling me, stop hanging out with me, and you pretended like i didnt even fucking exist. FUCK YOU and all the time i spent thinking about you. fuck the time we went fishing and i cryed because i didnt know what was happening to you. fuck going to starbucks and sharing drinks. fuck all the times you picked me up from school. fuck all the shit we did together, it will never be the same.
Now you are with some other fucking girl thats even younger than me. seriously, we are less than 2 years apart.. you guys are more than 3! i cannot beleive i wasted all my time thinking and talking about you. you told me that you trusted me and it meant the world to me.
The worst part is i KNEW you were going to do this to me. I KNEW you were going to play me and one day just leave. i KNEW that you were too good to be true, but yet i still let myself get drawn in. You made it seem like i was good to go.

When you said it would be okay because you would be there.. i thought you meant it.

23 | take it with a smile

IM BETTER OFF ON MY OWN [Tuesday the 7th, 08.25PM]
[ mood | bored ]

Today = brutally boring. Britt and Sean stopped by for like an hour and we chilled in the pool. After they left i basically spent my WHOLE night laying by the pool // going in the pool. yeah.. and trying to hang out with people but everyone was busy and i should be studying for finals, but i have math tomaro and thats it and i have all 2nd hour to study

Kasey is coming home with me after school tomaro :) <3333 i heart her

wasted.Collapse )

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[Monday the 6th, 08.43PM]
[ mood | disappointed ]

Boys are a touch over rated

take it with a smile

my road trip up to saginaw [Sunday the 5th, 07.44PM]
[ mood | flirty ]

soo today was great. I didnt go to bed till 3:30 last night because i was on the phone with Timmy. Set my alarm for 11:20 today and definatly was REALLY tired. Kevin picked me up around 11:45 and we went and picked up Colleen and Michelle and we hit the road!

The way up there was wayyy long. but we got lost of course, and then i made us stop for some BK because i was having a weird craving for their chicken tenders lol

Finally got to the hospital and met all of Alyssa's family. They are all SO nice and they appreciate everything. I feel so bad for them.. they are all such nice people. We got to see Alyssa. we got to go right up to her, but we couldnt talk to her or touch her and it was really hard. She was bruised on her face, but it was as bad as i suspected. They told us that they were going to be bringing her back to conciousness starting tomorrow! Read the cards that people wrote, took our picture outside the hospital to show Alyssa when she wakes up, and then hit the road to go back

Got stuck in like 2398994098 miles of traffic but it was so much fun. I was like.. flrting with this kid in a van through the window and it was HILARIOUS! We car painted "Pray For Alyssa" and "Honk" on the back of Kevins car and some people in the traffic asked us why and we told them and then they honked lol it was fantastic!

Got lost in Detroit comming back and saw a gay people festival.. ohh the memories of this trip! Colleen, Kevin, and Michelle i had a lot of fun!

take it with a smile

this is my best friend [Saturday the 4th, 11.29PM]
[ mood | crazy ]

who8mycake17: omg i had a dream earlier
who8mycake17: and u and i were french frys
who8mycake17: and we were getting boiled to death in grease
who8mycake17: it was weird

WoW so my best friend is a LITTLE weird.. but we will let that one slide!!
lol i love you Chelsea! There is no one else I rather be a french fry with!

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my day // my night [Friday the 3rd, 10.49PM]
[ mood | energetic ]

my day was rather peachy.. realized that guys are assholes.. except for one of them.

my night... AMAZING!!! went to the Loss Of Innocence show with Lauren and Paul!! let me tell you in was amazing!!


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random stuff [Friday the 3rd, 04.56PM]
[ mood | creative ]

My schedule for next year (since i didnt go to moving up day yesterday) tell me if we have any classes together!!

1st hour - Accelerated Physics (Bolakowski)
2nd hour - Algerbra 2 (Azeez)
3rd hour - Beginning Acting (Ray)
4th hour - Fashion ... umm im switching out because I already took that
5th hour -  Spanish 3 (Lopez) yayy
6th hour - Psychology 1 (Bernstein)
7th hour - American Lit and Lang - Issues (Gagniuk)

this was SO much fun!! *stolen from Laura*Collapse )

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you would kill for this.. [Thursday the 2nd, 06.02PM]
[ mood | crappy ]

Yesterday - went to school. came home and went next door to nicks house and hung out with bryan, jon, luke, and nick for a little bit. At 5 i had to go to the dentist to get mouth surgery. they are trying to make my teeth move faster so they put like a thousand wires up there with stiches and this stuff over them so i dont feel them. it seriously looks horrible. I couldnt feel my face till around 9 last night. I took a nap from when I got home till 8 so i wouldnt have to feel my face being all weird. talked to chelsea and watched Meet The Barkers and went to sleep.

Today - BLAH! woke up and felt really sick. i threw up twice before 8 and i was going to go into school to do moving up day and then come home, but then i threw up again before 9 and my mom ordered me to stay home. I slept from 9 till 12 when my mom came home for lunch. i felt MUCH better and she made me some lunch and i felt even more better. the only thing that hurts now is my mouth. Jen, Shaun, Trina, and Trevor came over around 1:30 and we chill till about 3:30 and they left. Adam B and Adam R came over around 4:30 and we chilled outside for a while. I was really happy they came over! I SAW MRS. BOYDEN!! ahhh i love her. shes the coolest ever.

This Sunday me and Kevin are going to see Alyssa up in Saginaw at St. Marys Hospital. i cant wait.. i love her so much and i want her to make it.

SATURDAY IS BRITTANYS GRADUATION! i cant beleive my favorite person in the whole world is graduating.. i mean we are not only cuzins, but best friends. wow...

Dedicated to Alyssa.Collapse )

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get better alyssa [Tuesday the 31st, 03.40PM]
[ mood | sympathetic ]

Get better Alyssa.. i love you <333

Be Strong. Believe. *

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memorial weekend recap [Monday the 30th, 05.08PM]
[ mood | cheerful ]

so my memorial weekend was pretty sweet. met and hung out with some new people and it was fantastic. now i have more friends that go to my school!! hooray!

Friday at jens was pretty much the sweetest night of my life.

Saturday was pretty fun as well.

Yesterday was sweet.. cept i had nothing to do in the evening

Today was really bored, but thats okay..

People that made this weekend fun: Jen, Trevor, Shaun, Katrina, Mike, Jenni, Mandie, Mason, Chris, and Nick my neighbor of course.

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